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Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release, or TNVR, is the humane approach to community cat management. TNVR involves trapping feral and free-roaming cats in humane traps, transporting them to local clinics to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped, and then releasing them back to their original location.

Community Cats

“Community cat” refers to any cat who is unowned and lives outdoors. Both feral and stray cats are community cats. Community cats have a wide range of behaviors and degrees of socialization, but they generally do not want to live indoors and are unadoptable.



If you're a board member of the HOA, you can click below to schedule your appointment.


PALM BEACH Residents

If you're a Palm Beach Resident, you can click below to schedule your appointment.



If you're a low income resident, you must show proof of hardship to qualify for reduced pricing.

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Our Process

Before Trapping we ask Residents to help us with the following steps to have a smooth and more effective process.

Restrict Access to Food

• Residents should stop feeding the cats at least 24 hours prior to trapping. Traps are baited with food, so we’ll need them to be hungry! Identify residents who feed the cats and ask them to remove food as well.

• Residents should bring any outside pets indoors, so they don’t end up in our traps.

2.) Set Traps & Monitor

• We then set traps in the area where the cats typically eat, and bait them with a strong-smelling food such as wet cat food, tuna, or sardines. Please inform residents to not make any noise and stay indoors while we wait for cats to enter the traps.

• Once a cat is trapped, we cover the trap with a sheet or towel and move it to a safe place.

3.) Transport, Recovery, & Release

• We then transport cats to and from appointments while keeping them in the covered traps.

After their procedure, cats will be kept in their traps in a safe, temperate environment for at least 24 hours unless otherwise instructed by the veterinarian. 

• When it’s time, we release the cat back into its colony environment.

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Community Cats of Boca Raton

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